SAP Hana - Indexserver service

1 - About

The index server holds all the data tables and temporary results, and therefore dominates SAP HANA used memory.

The main SAP HANA database management component is known as the index server, which contains:

  • the actual data stores
  • and the engines for processing the data.

The index server processes incoming SQL or MDX statements in the context of authenticated sessions and transactions.

See SAP Hana - Services (Process)

The Index Server is the core process of Hana.

Any problem (core dump) in any line of code could brought down the entire Hana instance.

3 - Management

3.1 - Process Id

You can use:

  • the following bash commands to determine the process ID of the indexserver:

# Version 12
ps -C hdbindexserver  -o pid=
# Old version was: ps -ef | grep indexserver


SAP HANA DB Management Client Console (type '\?' to get help for client commands)
Try to open connection to server process 'hdbindexserver' on system 'HXE', instance '00'
SAP HANA DB Management Server Console (type 'help' to get help for server commands)
Executable: hdbindexserver (PID: 11554)

3.2 - Limits

Check for the configured address space Resource limitations:

# egrep 'Soft|space' /proc/<indexserver_pid>/limits
egrep 'Soft|space' /proc/1154/limits

The correct output without limitation looks similar like the following example:

Limit                     Soft Limit           Hard Limit           Units
Max address space         unlimited            unlimited            bytes

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