Sap Hana - Startup

Sap Hana Architecture


When SAP HANA starts up, the OS reserves memory.

Minimum services

In a multi-container system the connection to System DB happens through Nameserver which serves as SQL port.

How can I configure automatic executions of commands during startup?

For some reasons it can be useful to execute hdbcons commands as initial part of the SAP HANA startup, e.g. in order to activate specific traces. This can be achieved with the following daemon SAP HANA parameter setting:

daemon.ini -> [daemon] -> environment = 'HDB_INITIAL_COMMAND=<hdbcons_command>'

Special characters like comma have to be quoted with a backslash.


  • (activation of allocator stack trace for Pool/malloc/
ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('daemon.ini','SYSTEM') SET ('daemon', 'environment') = 'HDB_INITIAL_COMMAND=mm f Pool/malloc/ as' WITH RECONFIGURE
  • (activation of memory fencing, SAP Note 2222276)
ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('daemon.ini','SYSTEM') SET ('daemon', 'environment') = 'HDB_INITIAL_COMMAND=mm f Pool -rs ffence\,bfence\,areset\,dreset' WITH RECONFIGURE


See SAP Hana - Services (Process)

Sap Hana Start Stop Process

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