Sap Hana - Data Persistence

Sap Hana Architecture


SAP HANA persists in-memory data by using savepoints operation in data volume (file).

Whenever a Savepoint or a Snapshot is created or a delta merge is performed, data is persisted from memory to the data volume.

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Sap Hana Architecture
SAP Hana - Savepoint

SAP HANA persists in-memory data by using savepoints. Each SAP HANA service has its own separate savepoints. logs During a savepoint operation, the SAP HANA database flushes all changed data from...
Sap Hana Architecture
Sap Hana - (Redo) Log

Redo log entries (in-memory) are written to the log volumes consistently for all changes to persistent data. While logging is disabled no log entries will be persisted, only the data area will...
Sap Hana Delta Merge Operation
Sap Hana - Delta Merge Operation

The Delta Merge Operation is an operation on a table column store data structure. The purpose of the saphelp_hanaplatform/helpdata/en/bd/9ac728bb57101482b2ebfe243dcd7a/content.htm?frameset=/en/bd/9ac728bb57101482b2ebfe243dcd7a/frameset.htmdelta...

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