SAP Hana - System

Sap Hana Architecture


An SAP HANA system consists of multiple services

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Sap Hana Architecture
Hana - System parameters - (System Property|Configuration File|Parameter)

/usr/sap/ sid inst is the instance number saphelp_hanaplatform/helpdata/en/3f/1a6a7dc31049409e1a9f9108d73d51/content.htmConfiguring SAP HANA System Properties (INI Files) SAP...
Sap Hana Used Memory
SAP Hana - Memory Pool (global_allocation_limit)

memory pool in Hana. SAP HANA preallocates and manages its own memory pool, used for storing: in-memory data and system table , code and thread stacks (~=6 Gb), temporary (results|computation),...
Sap Hana Studio Administration Landscape
SAP Hana - Services (Process)

An SAP HANA system consists of multiple services In order to persist data to disk, each SAP HANA service (that persist data ie nameserver, indexserver, xsengine) has its own separate savepoints. ...
Sap Hana Architecture
SAP Hana - System views (Data Dictionary)

System views are located in the SYS schema. However, as public synonyms of all views exist, it is not necessary to specify the schema name when you query these views. Note Many system views are...

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