SAP HANA - Studio (HDBStudio)

Sap Hana Architecture


Studio is the GUI client of SAP HANA. It's an eclipse plugin.

See: SAP HANA - Studio Installation


The Systems view is divided into the following main sections:

  • Security: Contains the roles and users defined for this system.
  • Catalog: Contains the database objects that have been activated, for example, from design-time objects or from SQL DDL statements. The objects are divided into schemas, which is a way to organize activated database objects.
  • Provisioning: Contains administrator tools for configuring smart data access, data provisioning, and remote data sources
  • Content: Contains design-time database objects, both those that have been activated and those not activated.


Jdbc trace

SAP HANA - Java Driver (ngdbc.jar)

Connection Node > Properties > …

Studio Jdbc Trace

Documentation / Reference

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