SAp Hana - System Id (SID)

Sap Hana Architecture


adm is the pattern for the Operating System User (installation user). On Hana Express, you got hxeadm, the SID is then hxe

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Sap Hana Architecture
SAP Hana - Instance

/usr/sap/hostctrl - The SAP host agent directory. /usr/sap/
Sap Hana Architecture
Sap Hana - (Redo) Log

Redo log entries (in-memory) are written to the log volumes consistently for all changes to persistent data. While logging is disabled no log entries will be persisted, only the data area will...
Sap Hana Architecture
Sap Hana - Data

The default path to the data directory depends on the system ID of the SAP HANA host.

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