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From SAP HANA 1.0 revision 80 (SPS8), you can now track and monitor the amount of memory used by statements, via the “Expensive Statements” feature of SAP HANA. Expensive statements are those SQL queries that consume the most amount of resources.

Once memory tracking is enabled, the expensive statement trace will also show the peak memory size (MEMORY_SIZE) used to execute the expensive statements.


To enable per-statement memory tracking, add the following section to the global.ini configuration file:

enable_tracking = on
memory_tracking = on

alter system alter configuration ('global.ini','SYSTEM') SET ('resource_tracking', 'enable_tracking')='on', ('resource_tracking','memory_tracking')='on' with reconfigure;


Sap Hana - (System) Resources and Limits

statement_memory_limit = <GB>


is a numeric value, in Giga Bytes. Using SQL (example: 50 GBytes):
alter system alter configuration ('global.ini','SYSTEM') SET ('memorymanager', 'statement_memory_limit') = 50 with reconfigure;

Statement executions that would require more memory than this number will be aborted when they reach the limit. By default, there is no limit on statement memory.

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