Sap Hana - Hana Cloud Instance Configuration


How to create and configure an SAP Hana Cloud Instance.


Creation of an Hana Cloud Instance

  • Create an SAP HANA trial instance


  • The Sap Hana Trial Instance was created


You can see the following links



  • Open Eclipse
  • Open the perspective SAP Hana Modeler (Window > Open Perspective > SAP Hana Modeler)
  • Add a Cloud System:


  • Full the connection details. <note tip>The connection Account and User information can be found in the “Account Dashboard” page of the cockpit</note> (Next)

_ where Landscape Hosts

  * Account: p1941293394trial (Developer accounts have a suffix trial)
  * User: p1941293394
  * SAP HANA Cloud Platform landscape host: (or If you have a productive SAP HANA instance
  * Password: The password of your SAP account
  • Choose your instance


  • And play !


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