Sap Hana - Row tables

Sap Hana Architecture

Load status

Standard row tables are loaded into memory when the database is started and remain there as long as it is running.


Partitioning is available only for column tables.


  • Global
select round(sum(USED_FIXED_PART_SIZE + USED_VARIABLE_PART_SIZE)/1024/1024) as "Row Tables MB Used" from M_RS_TABLES
  • For a schema
select SCHEMA_NAME, TABLE_NAME, round((USED_FIXED_PART_SIZE + USED_VARIABLE_PART_SIZE)/1024/1024, 2) as "MB Used" from M_RS_TABLES where SCHEMA_NAME = 'SYS' order by "MB Used" desc, TABLE_NAME

Data Dictionary

RS for ROW Store !

  • Size on memory: table size from SYS.M_TABLES WHERE IS_COLUMN_TABLE = 'FALSE'
  • M_RS_TABLES: Information on row tables: detailed table sizes and record count

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