SAP HANA - Database Tunnel

Sap Hana Architecture

Location of the the neo.bat and files.: the \tools'' directory
Opening a Database Tunnel
before doing this be sure to close studio if it has a cloud connection, otherwise you may lock the user.
neo open-db-tunnel -a p1941293394trial -u p1941293394 -h -i Default -p myPwd
SAP HANA Cloud Platform Console Client

Opening tunnel...

Tunnel opened.

Use these properties to connect to your schema:
  Host name        : localhost
  Database type    : HANA
  JDBC Url         : jdbc:sap://localhost:30115/?currentschema=NEO_0LNA51CFS0LVIOXZUZ6RUWSRB
  Instance number  : 01
  User             : DEV_17MO9SKK55FNF8GELVVZCX0BB
  Password         : Lq37ADLe9jlcZjV
  Schema name      : NEO_0LNA51CFS0LVIOXZUZ6RUWSRB

This tunnel will close automatically in 24 hours on 25-apr-2015 at 15:38 or when you close the shell.
Press ENTER to close the tunnel now.

where: To run it in background and get a machine readable format:
--background --output json
Documentation / Reference

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