SAP HANA - Java Driver (ngdbc.jar)


Jdbc connection information on HANA. The driver comes with the client installation

Connection Parameters

  • Driver:
  • URL: jdbc:sap://<server>:<port>[/?<options>]
  • Port = 3 + instancename + 15


jdbc:sap://" + servername + ":3" + instancename + "15/" 
jdbc:sap://localhost:30013/?databaseName=tdb1&user=SYSTEM&password=manager -- Multidatabase environement

See SAP HANA Developer Guide for Studio - Connect to SAP HANA via JDBC


DataType Mapping

SAP HANA allows each Java object to be converted to specific SQL types using the JDBC method PreparedStatement.setObject or RowSet.setObject.

Some conversions may fail at runtime if the value passed is invalid.

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