Sap Hana - Modeling

Sap Hana Architecture


  • Import Source System metadata (Physical Tables are created)
  • Provision Data (Physical Tables are loaded with content)
  • Create Information Models (Views are created - Attribute views, Analytics Views, Calculation Views)
  • Deploy (Column Views are created and activated)
  • Consume with client (BICS, MDX)


MODELING: This is used as a template role that can be used to create users to work on content.

CONTENT_ADMIN: This is used as a template role for users who are responsible for managing repository content at a higher level, and for managing teams who develop and test the content. Users with this role can:

  • Maintain delivery units
  • Import and export content
  • Create, update, and delete active native and imported packages and objects in these packages
  • Grant these privileges to other users

Information views

There are three types of information views:

All three types of information views are non materialized views.

In the SAP HANA Modeler perspective, you use the view editor to work with the information views.

SAP HANA Modeler perspective supports the below object types:

Sap Hana Modeling Create Information View

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