SAP HANA - Hdbsql

Sap Hana Architecture


A command line console that comes with the client installation.


hdbsql -n host:35115 -u login -p pwd "call cancel_session_above_timeout(60)"

Documentation / Reference

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Sap Hana Architecture
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Log: The SAP HANA client installation is logged by the system. There are two log files written during installation stored at /var/tmp/hdb_client_ 23930132393013 - FAQ: SAP HANA Clients viewer/e7e79e15f5284474b965872bf0fa3d63/2.0.01/en-US/c5b4095bbb571014a683e2ce02eb5fb7.htmlSAP...
Sap Hana Architecture
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To schedule a job against HANA, you may choose: your scheduler with the hdbsql command line or the HANA solution with the XS application server. Take your favorite scheduler and execute the...
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