Hana - System parameters - (System Property|Configuration File|Parameter)

Sap Hana Architecture

/usr/sap//HDB//global.ini | Valid for all services on a specific host |where:
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Sap Hana Architecture
HANA - Configuration

Sap Hana Architecture
HANA - Smart Data Access (Adapter, Virtual Table)

SAP HANA smart data access enables remote data to be accessed as if they are local tables in HANA, without copying the data into SAP HANA (without having to replicate the data to SAP HANA) in SAP HANA,...
Sap Hana Architecture
Hana - Data Provisioning Server

Core Hana process When SAP HANA is first installed, the Data Provisioning Server is disabled. Enabling the Data Provisioning Server gives you the ability to use SAP HANA smart data integration....
Sap Hana Diagnostic File Daemon
SAP HANA - Daemon Service

The daemon service is the process responsible for starting all HANA core process. HANA daemon starts all the process defined in daemon.ini. On Hana Express, the command property given by daemon...
Sap Hana Architecture
Sap Hana - (Redo) Log

Redo log entries (in-memory) are written to the log volumes consistently for all changes to persistent data. While logging is disabled no log entries will be persisted, only the data area will...
Sap Hana Import Thread Admin
Sap Hana - Import statement

From Studio: In the details of the thread in the administration tool The indexserver parameter configuration saphelp_hanaplatform/helpdata/en/20/f712e175191014907393741fadcb97/content.htmImport...
Sap Hana Start Stop Process
Sap Hana - Startup

When SAP HANA starts up, the OS reserves memory. In a multi-container system the connection to System DB happens through Nameserver which serves as SQL port. Mode Standalone Multi-tenant configuration...

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