HANA - Client

Sap Hana Architecture

Log: The SAP HANA client installation is logged by the system. There are two log files written during installation stored at /var/tmp/hdb_client_''
*.log: can be read using a text editor
*.msg: XML format for the display in the installation tool with the graphical user interface

Documentation / Reference

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Sap Hana Architecture
SAP HANA - Hdbsql

A command line console that comes with the client installation. /saphelp_hanaplatform/helpdata/en/c2/2c67c3bb571014afebeb4a76c3d95d/content.htmSAP HANA HDBSQL Reference (HTML)
Ngdb Jdbc Trace Package
SAP HANA - Java Driver (ngdbc.jar)

Jdbc connection information on HANA. The driver comes with the client installation Driver: com.sap.db.jdbc.Driver URL: jdbc:sap://:[/?] Port = 3 + instancename + 15 Example:...
Odbc Sap Hana

ODBC For now, it's a type 2. connection string: server:port For example, if the SAP HANA server is running on the host MyServer, as instance 01, on port 30115, and the SAP HANA client...
Sap Hana Cloud Sql Console Select All Tables

The SAP HANA database has its own scripting language named SQLScript. SQLScript operate on tables using SQL queries for set processing. SqlScript implements the Orchestration logic (control-flow logic)...
Sap Hana Cloud Sql Console Select All Tables
SAP Hana - Developer Environment Installation

/hana/shared/ - Contains executable programs (exe), globally shared data (global), instance profiles (profile), and SAP HANA configuration files. /hana/shared/the...

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