SAP Hana - Services (Process)

Sap Hana Architecture


An SAP HANA system consists of multiple services


In order to persist data to disk, each SAP HANA service (that persist data ie nameserver, indexserver, xsengine) has its own separate savepoints.



Data Dictionary

-- Not the same as


  • Hana Studio: Administration > Landscape. Columns may be added with the “Configure Viewer” icon.

Sap Hana Studio Administration Landscape

  • Sql can also be used.

See also Service

Stop a service


Kill a service


Reconfigure a service

ALTER SYSTEM RECONFIGURE SERVICE ('service', 'host', port)

Depending on service, host, port, different services can be reconfigured. See M_SERVICES

Documentation / Reference

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Sap Hana Architecture
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Sap Hana Architecture
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Sap Hana Architecture
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Sap Hana Architecture
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Sap Hana Architecture
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Sap Hana Architecture
SAP Hana - System

An SAP HANA system consists of multiple services

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