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Not supported

Data type that cannot participate in a columnstore index:

  • xml
  • binary
  • varbinary


  • No Primary and foreign Key. Seeprimary-and-foreign-key-constraints
  • Enforced unique constraints are not supported. To create an unenforced unique constraint you must include the NOT ENFORCED syntax as part of your statement.
  • Clustered primary key constraints are not supported in Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Explicitly create an unenforced NONCLUSTERED primary key constraint instead.


Bulk insert is now MS SQL Server - bulk copy program utility (bcp)

Doc: bcp


Root documentation

Primary Key

Actually, you can't define a primary key in a create table or alter table column statement (for now 20180219, you can only define a default constraint). You still can define a primary key if you add a column.

ALTER TABLE dbo.DimAccount 
   add columnNamePK int 
  • Delete
ALTER TABLE dbo.DimAccount drop constraint PK_DimAccount;
ALTER TABLE dbo.DimAccount drop column columnNamePK;

Documentation / Reference

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Card Puncher Data Processing
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