SQL Server - Installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express (SSMS)

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express is a free, integrated environment for accessing, configuring, managing, administering, and developing all components of SQL Server. SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express combines a broad group of graphical tools with a number of rich script editors to provide access to SQL Server to developers and administrators of all skill levels.

This article talk about its installation on a Windows 2003 server.



Start the installation

  • Install Powershell
  • Double click the SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express installation file : SQLManagementStudio_x86_ENU
  • The Sql Server installation screen show up
  • Click on Installation > New Sql Server stand alone installation

or add features to an existing installation

Setup Support Tools

  • Setup Support Tools : Operation Completed. Passed: 6 Failed 0 Warning 0 Skipped 0 - Click Ok


A new installation wizard process show up and you can see the steps in the left pane of the screen :

  • Setup Support Files : Some checked are performed and must be passed.
  • Installation Type : Choose Perform a new installation of Sql Server 2008.

You can remark than the previous instances installation are listed.

Sql Management 2 Installation Type

  • Product Key : Skip
  • License Term : Verify that the licence talk about the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express, accept it and hit next
  • Feature Selection : Select All
  • Disk Space Requirement : Hit Next
  • Error and usage reproting : Hit Next
  • Installation Rules : Checks are performed and must return no failed and warning.
  • Ready To Install : Review the summary and hit Install

Sql Management 9 Ready To Install

  • Installation Progress
  • Complete

Sql Management 11 Complete

Success. You can find it in the Start Menu.

Sql Management 12 Start Menu


  • Uncheck : Tool > Options > SQL Server > Include the query in the result set
print 1

will print


and not

print 1


Windows firewall warning

Sql Server Windows Firewall Warning

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