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How to run a graph

clover.bat -contexturl "c:\my\project\path" graph\WebServicesHTTP.grf


Usage: runGraph [-(v|cfg|logcfg|loglevel|P:|tracking|info|plugins|pass)] <graph definition file>
-v                      be verbose - print even graph layout
-P:<key>=<value>        add definition of property to global graph's property list
-cfg <filename>         load definitions of properties from specified file
-logcfg <filename>      load log4j configuration from specified file;
                        if not specified, "" should be in classpath
-loglevel <level>       overrides log4j configuration and sets specified logging level for rootLogger;
                        possible levels are: ALL | TRACE | DEBUG | INFO | WARN | ERROR | FATAL | OFF
-tracking <seconds>     how frequently output the graph processing status
-info                   print info about Clover library version
-plugins                directory where to look for plugins/components
-pass                   password for decrypting of hidden connections passwords
-stdin                  load graph definition from STDIN
-loghost                define host and port number for socket appender of log4j (log4j library is required); i.e. localhost:4445
-checkconfig            only check graph configuration
-skipcheckconfig                skip checking of graph configuration
-noJMX                  turns off sending graph tracking information
-config <filename>              load default engine properties from specified file
-nodebug                turns off all runtime debugging e.g edge debugging
-debugdirectory <foldername>            directory dedicated to store temporary debug data; default is java's temporary folder

Note: <graph definition file> can be either local filename or URL of local/remote file

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