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If you are installing in an environment where different machines are used to support the database and Applications tiers (as is typically the case), you would run Rapid Install on each machine in turn, starting with the database machine.

For example, you might have three machines:

  • one for the database tier
  • and two for the Applications tier.

So you would run Rapid Install a total of three times, once on each machine. In a multi-node environment that uses a shared application tier file system, you must run Rapid Install on the primary Applications node first. If you are using a non-shared application tier file system, the order in which you run Rapid Install on the Applications nodes does not matter. In either type of environment, you cannot run Rapid Install on more than one node in an Oracle E-Business Suite system at once.

For simpler installations, the database node and the Applications node can be installed on the same machine. This type of installation is generally used for small systems or for demonstration purposes. More commonly, the database node is installed on one machine, and the Applications node on another machine. This provides improved manageability, scalability, and performance.

Technology Stack Components

Rapid Install automatically installs and configures the required technology stack components for both the database node and the Applications node.

Database node

The database tier technology stack for a new Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 installation consists of an Oracle 11g Release 1 Oracle Home for both new installations and upgrades.

Applications node

The Applications node technology stack includes, among other components:

  • Oracle Developer 10g, which includes:
  • Oracle Forms
  • Oracle Reports
  • Oracle Application Server 10g (
  • Oracle Application Server 10g ( (includes Oracle HTTP Server)

The following components are optional, and not delivered by Rapid Install:

  • Oracle Discoverer 10g (
  • Oracle Portal 10g (10.1.4)
  • Oracle Single Sign-On 10g (
  • Oracle Internet Directory 10g (

In Release 12.1.1, the required Java Development Kit (JDK) is automatically installed by Rapid Install. You do not need to install the JDK separately.

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