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Data Mining Tool 2


Data mining and predictive analytics are one of the analytical feature of Oracle Database. Since these features are part of a common server it is possible to combine them efficiently.


The possibilities for combining different analytics are virtually limitless.

The following Example within a single SQL query shows:

  • data mining
  • and text processing.

The query selects all customers who:

  • have a high propensity to attrite (> 80% chance),
  • are valuable customers (customer value rating > 90),
  • and have had a recent conversation with customer services regarding a Checking Plus account.
SELECT A.cust_name, A.contact_info
  FROM customers A
 WHERE PREDICTION_PROBABILITY(tree_model,'attrite' USING A.*) > 0.8
   AND A.cust_value > 90
   AND A.cust_id IN
       (SELECT B.cust_id
          FROM call_center B
         WHERE B.call_date BETWEEN '01-Jan-2005'
                               AND '30-Jun-2005'   
         AND CONTAINS(B.notes, 'Checking Plus', 1) > 0);


  • The propensity to attrite information is computed using a Data Mining model called tree_model.
  • The query uses the Oracle Text CONTAINS operator to search call center notes for references to Checking Plus accounts.

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