Oracle Data Mining - PL/SQL DBMS Package

Data Mining Tool 2


The PL/SQL interface to Oracle Data Mining is implemented in three packages:

  • DBMS_DATA_MINING, the primary interface to Oracle Data Mining
  • DBMS_DATA_MINING_TRANSFORM, convenience routines for data transformation
  • DBMS_PREDICTIVE_ANALYTICS, predictive analytics



The DBMS_DATA_MINING package includes procedures for:

  • Creating, dropping, and renaming mining models
  • Applying a model to new data
  • Describing the model details
  • Creating costs and computing test metrics for a classification model
  • Exporting and importing models


This package includes routines for transforming the data to make it suitable for mining. Since Oracle Data Mining supports Automatic Data Transformation (ADP), you will not need to use this package unless you want to implement specialized transformations.

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