Slim - Table table


The “Table” table is a fixture that:

  • accepts an arbitrary table,
  • and returns a table of results.


  • The table of results has a similar structure to the input table (without the first row).


The fixture is written with a doTable method that takes a List argument and returns a List.


  • The incoming list is a list of rows.
  • Each row is a list of strings.


  • The returned list has a similar structure except that it does not have the first row.

Return table Validation:

  • If any row of the returned list is longer than the corresponding row of the incomming list, then the extra columns will be added to the colored table.
  • If there are extra rows, then they will be added too.
  • The returned table can be larger, horizontally and vertically. It cannot be smaller!

Documentation / Reference

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