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The purpose of the Vagrantfile is twofold:

  • Mark the root directory of your project. Many of the configuration options in Vagrant are relative to this root directory.
  • Describe the kind of machine and resources you need to run your project, as well as what software to install and how you want to access it.

The Vagrantfile is meant to be committed to version control


vagrant file example named Vagrantfile (without extension) from the Spark MOOC

# -*- mode: ruby -*-
# vi: set ft=ruby :

ipythonPort = 8001                 # Ipython port to forward (also set in IPython notebook config)

Vagrant.configure(2) do |config|
  config.ssh.insert_key = true
  config.vm.define "sparkvm" do |master| = "sparkmooc/base"
    master.vm.box_download_insecure = true
    master.vm.boot_timeout = 900 :forwarded_port, host: ipythonPort, guest: ipythonPort, auto_correct: true   # IPython port (set in notebook config) :forwarded_port, host: 4040, guest: 4040, auto_correct: true                 # Spark UI (Driver)
    master.vm.hostname = "sparkvm"
    master.vm.usable_port_range = 4040..4090

    master.vm.provider :virtualbox do |v| = master.vm.hostname.to_s

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