1 - About

Configuration Virtual Machine

2 - Command

2.1 - Init

initializing a directory for usage with Vagrant

vagrant init 

vagrant init hashicorp/precise64

2.2 - Start

The VM is created with the following command fired in the same location than the Vagrantfile.

vagrant up --provider=virtualbox

2.3 - Stop

Stop the VM

vagrant halt

2.4 - Destroy

Destroy the VM

vagrant destroy

2.5 - Reboot|Reload

Reboot your VM using the command:

vagrant reload

3 - Configuration


VAGRANT_HOME environment variable defines the directory where Vagrant stores global state.

By default, this is set to '.vagrant.d' under your user profile.

This is where boxes (base VMs) are stored, so it can actually be quite large on disk.

3.2 - Others environment variables

4 - Documentation / Reference

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