DaVinci Resolve


Video editor


Track Visual:

  • Dialog - Green
  • Music - Blue
  • Sound effect - Yellow



Source Viewer

  • Navigation:
    • J is backward
    • L is forward
    • K or Space is stop
  • I or O key for Mark In / Mark out (ie Start and end of the clip)

  • Show sound. > Show Full Clip Audio Wave Form
  • Duration (is given by frames). With a 30 FPS, if you type anymore on the source viewer +60, you will get 2 seconds more.



  • Ripple Overwrite: Replace a clip of one length with a clip of another length


The trim menu has a lot of trim options.

There is also a Trim Edit tools that is context sensitive based on what you are typing on the time line.

It changes from:

  • Ripple Tool: On the edge of the clip. Shorten one side of the other of the clip.
  • Rolling Edit Tool. Between an edit point, one side short and one side longer
  • Slip tool. In the middle of the clip on the picture. The length of the clip stays the same as it is. What's changing is what we will see inside of the edit. The timeline viewer show then 4 frames.
  • Slide tool. In the middle of the clip on the title of the clip. The length of the edit is not changing. The length of the clip on the right and the length of the clip on the left are changing. The timeline viewer show then 4 frames.

Moving clips

  • Shift + Drag and Drop ??

Scale / Zooming

  • + key
  • - key
  • Shift + Z: Toggle - All the way in or all the way out



The inspector gives properties of a clip

Effects / Transition

  • Transition: Smooth Cut ( The number of frames created can be chosen: 4 is good enough )


You can:

  • lock
  • prevent group (side) editing (such as when inserting a clip) - useful for when there is a background audio

Documentation / Reference

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