Performance Manager servers

Card Puncher Data Processing

Server name Service Description
AADashboard Dashboard engine Renders dashboards created in Dashboard Builder.
AAAnalytics Analytics server Renders the analytics by querying the metrics metadata and then generating the desired visualization in the format of the selected analytic.
AAMetrics Metrics engine Works like an ETL tool to extract each metric value, aggregate it, and then load it into the metadata layer on the Performance Manager repository.
AAIProfiler Individual Profiler engine Used by the Individual Profiler analytic
AARepomgt Repository manager Manages the Performance Manager repository – including user security and privileges, updates to the system parameters, and writing new metrics and rules back to the repository.
AARules Rules engine Evaluates conditions placed against metrics, goals, sets and then outputs sending events to other components
AAQueryManager Set Analysis query manager Performs Set Analysis queries and builds and processes sets.
AASPC SPC engine Used by Process Analysis. Note: The SPC alerts are actioned upon and handled by AARules
PAServer Predictive Analysis mining engine Used by Predictive Analysis.

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Card Puncher Data Processing
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