Data Visualization (vis|viz|graphic|image)


This section contains software or library that implements data visualization features.





Name Type
Data Visualization (vis|viz|graphic|image) Javascript Library
Vega Declarative Javascript Library
Data Visualization (vis|viz|graphic|image) Declarative R Library
Data Visualization (vis|viz|graphic|image) Markup Language
Path.js Generate SVG paths for geometric shapes (see low-level and mid-level api)
Plotly A data visualization library and platform

Less Important:

Name Type d3 chart library to analysts D3-based reusable chart library
dc.js - Dimensional Charting Javascript Library Dimensional Charting Javascript Library (large multi-dimensional datasets) based on d3 and crossfilter
Chart.js Declarative Javascript Library - Free
Highchart Declarative Javascript Library - Not Free
Bokeh Interactive Web Plotting for Python Python visualization library based on matplotlib


React React + D3 (Really Good)
Recharts D3 React component

See also Interactive development & testing environment for React, React-Native, Vue UI components

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