Inkscape - Object Transformation

Inkscape Layout


Inkscape stores an object's transformation internally as a transformation matrix (which can be seen and modified with the XML Editor).

Inkscape Transform Matrix

A transformation matrix is always defined with respect to some point. The internal representation is with respect to the internal coordinate system origin (upper-left corner of page).


  • Object → Transform


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Inkscape Layout
Inkscape - Move Object

in Inkscape Move tab of the Transform dialog (Object → Transform... (Shift+Ctrl+M)). With a bounding box, dragging on anon-transparent part will move the whole. Holding the Ctrl key...
Inkscape Layout
Inkscape - Page

A page defined: the coordinate system. The origin is at the left bottom corner and is used for all transformation and the area for exporting Width and Height...: File > Document Properties...
Inkscape Layout
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in Inkscape Scale tab of the Transform dialog (Object → Transform... (Shift+Ctrl+M)). With the handle of the bounding box, see When an object(s) is selected < and >: Default scales...

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