Inkscape - Snap

Inkscape Layout


Objects will snap to:

when being drawn or moved



  • File > Document Properties > Snap

Inkscape Snap Properties

Snap bar

Inkscape Snap Bar

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Inkscape Layout

is a vector graphic (drawing) tool. Canvas: The drawing area: Moving Page: Spacebar + Mouse movement, or Shift + Right Click or Click and drag Mouse Wheel Zoom where the cursor is: Ctrl + Mouse...
Inkscapes Grid Properties
Inkscape - Grid

A Grid is a set of horizontal and vertical lines that provide a guide for drawing objects. Optionally, objects will snap to a Grid when being drawn or moved, enabling accurate drawing. A Grid will...
Inkscape Layout
Inkscape - Guide

Guide Lines are lines that, like the Grid, are not part of the actual drawing. A Left Mouse Drag from a Ruler onto the Canvas creates a Guide Line. If you start near the edge, an angled Guide Line...
Inkscape Layout
Inkscape - Measure

You can measure with: the Measure tool (M). Pen tool Measure Path extension that will measure the length of an arbitrary path. selector control bar The angle is measured by default from 3...
Inkscape Layout
Inkscape - Pencil Tool (F6)

The pencil tool is the easiest way to draw a path Steps: Click on the pencil icon (F6 or p) in the Tool Box Click-drag the pointer over the canvas to draw a line. While drawing, holding down:...
Inkscape New Grid
Tuto - Flag

Set the page size. For a flag: 16 x 10 or 320 x 200 pixel Set Page scale to ensure that the internal “px” is equal to an external “px” Set a grid Turn on snapping of nodes to the grid...

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