Inkscape - Pencil Tool (F6)

Inkscape Layout


The pencil tool is the easiest way to draw a path



  • Click on the pencil icon (F6 or p) in the Tool Box
  • Click-drag the pointer over the canvas to draw a line. While drawing, holding down:
    • the Shift key:
    • the Alt key enables the Sketch mode. All strokes are averaged to create a final stroke, temporarily shown as a red path. Releasing the Alt key finalizes the path. Draw all your strokes in the same direction.
  • Shift + Enter to close the path
  • Simplify the Path. Path → Simplify (Ctrl+L) command one or more times.

Tool Box Properties

  • Mode: Bezier, Spiro, BSpline
  • Shape: None.
  • The Smoothing value have an impact on the number of node. Range from 1 (minimum) to 100 (maximum). 30 give you a reasonable number of nodes.

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