Inkscape is a vector graphic (drawing) tool.


  • Canvas: The drawing area:
    • Moving Page: Spacebar + Mouse movement, or Shift + Right Click or Click and drag Mouse Wheel
    • Zoom where the cursor is: Ctrl + Mouse Wheel
    • 5 shortcut to zoom and fit the page on the windows
    • 4 shortcut to zoom and fit the drawing on the windows
    • 3 shortcut to zoom and fit the selection on the windows
    • Printed, exporting or other predefined area.
    • Colors can be dragged from the palette onto objects to change their Fill. Using the Shift key while dragging will change the Stroke color instead
  • Command bar: shortcuts to command located in the header menus.
  • Tool Controls: Contains specific to the selected tool.
  • Tool Box:
    • Clicking on an icon selects a tool. Double-clicking brings up that tool's preference dialog.
  • Status Bar
    • Style Indicator: Shows the style (Fill and Stroke) of a selected object, text fragment, or gradient stop.
      • A Left Mouse Click on the Fill or Stroke paint part of the indicator opens the Fill and Stroke dialog at the right (not as a popup)
      • A Right Mouse Click opens up a pop-up menu.
  • Ruler: Show the x- and y-axis coordinates of the drawing.
    • A Left Mouse Drag from a Ruler onto the Canvas creates a Guide Line.

Inkscape Layout


Inkscape implements Dockable Dialogs.

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