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If you don't need to keep the image around, it is better to simply link to the file.

Convert to Path

Inkscape includes a tool to convert the bitmap automatically to a path (Tracing Bitmaps)

Path > Trace BitMap

Each trace creates one path and each path is made up of many sub-paths.

Multiple scans:

  • A Scans property set to three will give three regions
  • Smooth will smooth the bitmap prior to tracing.
  • Stack Scans generate paths for mutually exclusive areas or that include all darker regions.
  • The Suppress speckles option allows the automatic suppression of paths smaller than the specified size.


  • Optimize paths boxes will result in less node
  • Smooth Corners will result in less node

It is easier to clean up a tracing by converting the sub-paths into independent paths. (Path → Break Apart Shift+Ctrl+K)

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