Inkscape - Object

Inkscape Layout


Viz - Graphic Object in Svg.




(ctrl+i) or object>pattern>objects to pattern



Inkscape - Object Selection, Selector Tool


Inkscape - Clone


The Duplicate command ( Ctrl + D or Edit > Duplicate ) copy and paste a selection in one command


Ctrl + D selection


Inkscape - Move Object


when objects are in a Group they can be manipulated as if they were one object


  • Hold down the Ctrl down while dragging to preserve the shape.

Z-order (bring to front)

See Inkscape - Z-Order

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Clip paths crops visibility. Clip do not delete part of the object. Put above all objects the clipping object. Inkscape select the object with the most important Z-order as clipping object by...
Inkscape Layout
Inkscape - Clone

A Clone object is a copy that is linked to the original (parent) so that if you modify the original, the Clone will also change. To make a Clone: Alt+D Edit → Clone → Create Clone ...
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A Grid is a set of horizontal and vertical lines that provide a guide for drawing objects. Optionally, objects will snap to a Grid when being drawn or moved, enabling accurate drawing. A Grid will...
Inkscape Layout
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When objects are in a Group they can be manipulated as if they were one object.
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Inkscape - Object Selection, Selector Tool

How to select an object, the selector tool and the bounding box. F1 or Space bar when in another tool coordinates (X and Y) size (W and H) of the bounding box Holding down the...
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Inkscape stores an object's transformation internally as a transformation matrix (which can be seen and modified with the XML Editor). A transformation matrix is always defined with respect to some...
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in Inkscape Paths are arbitrary shaped objects created from: nodes and segment. A shapes has a defined structure whereas a path is a series of joined point coordinates. A rectangle will always keep...
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Objects will snap to: objects grids guides when being drawn or moved File > Document Properties > Snap
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Three type: regular text. flowed text; A text object that includes a rectangular frame. linked-flowed text. A text object where the text is flowed into a separate arbitrary shape or path object(s)...
Inkscape Layout
Inkscape - Tool

Tools to select, draw, or modify objects Select your object, then select your tool to show the tool box properties. Tapping the Space bar will get you to the Select Tool. Tapping the Space bar a...

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