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Symbol libraries are sets of SVG symbols.

See also: Inkscape - Icon Creation


A library is any valid SVG file with symbols (

element) in the system configuration directory. ==== Standard ==== Inkscape 0.91 includes just five example libraries: * Logic Symbols, * AIGA/DOT Transportation Symbols, * Map Symbols, * Flow Chart Shapes, * and Word Balloons (made by Martin Owens and Tavmjong Bah). ==== Custom ==== * See below: create_a_symbol_library * Pre-created: Xaviju/inkscape-open-symbols * Visio Stencil files (.vss) can also be used ===== Management ===== ==== Create a Symbol library ==== === Create an object as a symbol === * Create an object * Modify its properties (name and label) * Select it * Add it as symbol Inkscape Symbol Add === Create the document as a library === * Modify the title of the document (Ctrl+Shift+D → Metadata) Inkscape Metadata Title Doc Symbol * Save the current document in the configuration location === Restart and use the created library === * Restart Inkscape * And start using your icon library Inkscape My Icon Library ==== Config Dir ==== The system configuration directory is: * For OS X and Linux, the local user directory is ~/.config/inkscape/symbols. * For Windows, the directory is Inkscape_Home\share\symbols ===== Documentation / Reference ===== * Xaviju/inkscape-open-symbols

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