Inkscape - Tool

Inkscape Layout


Tools to select, draw, or modify objects

Select your object, then select your tool to show the tool box properties.

  • Tapping the Space bar will get you to the Select Tool.
  • Tapping the Space bar a second time will reselect the Tool.

Control Bar

The control bar of the tool is shown:

  • when the object is selected
  • when you click on icon of the the tool bar.

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Inkscape Layout

is a vector graphic (drawing) tool. Canvas: The drawing area: Moving Page: Spacebar + Mouse movement, or Shift + Right Click or Click and drag Mouse Wheel Zoom where the cursor is: Ctrl + Mouse...
Inkscape Layout
Inkscape - Measure

You can measure with: the Measure tool (M). Pen tool Measure Path extension that will measure the length of an arbitrary path. selector control bar The angle is measured by default from 3...
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Inkscape - Node (Edit Path by Nodes)

Nodes define point coordinates where the path changes direction or curvature. Each segment of the selected path is subdivided into ceil (Length/Max) equal length segments. Lengths are measured in SVG...
Select Command Inkscape
Inkscape - Object Selection, Selector Tool

How to select an object, the selector tool and the bounding box. F1 or Space bar when in another tool coordinates (X and Y) size (W and H) of the bounding box Holding down the...
Inkscape Layout
Inkscape - Pencil Tool (F6)

The pencil tool is the easiest way to draw a path Steps: Click on the pencil icon (F6 or p) in the Tool Box Click-drag the pointer over the canvas to draw a line. While drawing, holding down:...
Segement Control Bar Inkscape
Inkscape - Segment

A segment is the line between two nodes in a path. With the selector control bar for a path With the control bar Or dragging a linear segment will make it bezier. Hovering with...
Star Dimension
Inkscape - Star Tool

The Star shape and tool The Spoke Ratio is the ratio of the radius of the innermost point to the radius of the outermost point of a star (R2/R1). For a “regular” five-pointed star this should...
Font Size Unit Inkscape
Inkscape - Text

Three type: regular text. flowed text; A text object that includes a rectangular frame. linked-flowed text. A text object where the text is flowed into a separate arbitrary shape or path object(s)...

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