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Job servers


A job server processes scheduled actions on objects at the request of the Central Management Server ( CMS ) (CMS). When you add a job server to the BusinessObjects Enterprise system, you can configure the job server to:

  • Process reporting or document objects.
  • Process publication objects.
  • Process program objects.
  • Send objects or instances to specified destinations.

If you configure a job server to process :

  • process Crystal Reports objects, it becomes a Crystal Reports job server.
  • program objects, it becomes a program job server, and so on.

The Processing tier includes:

  • Crystal Reports job server.
  • Program job server.
  • Web Intelligence job server.
  • Desktop Intelligence job server.
  • Destination job server.
  • List of Values job server.
  • Adaptive job server.

Crystal Reports job server

The Crystal Reports job server processes scheduled reports, as requested by the Central Management Server ( CMS ) (CMS), and generates report instances (instances are versions of a report object that contain saved data). To generate a report instance, the Crystal Reports job server obtains the report object from the Input SAP BOBJ - File Repository Servers (FRS) (FRS) and communicates with the database to retrieve the current data. Once it has generated the report instance, it stores the instance on the Output FRS.

Program job server

Program objects allow you to write, publish, and schedule custom applications, including scripts, and Java programs that run against, and perform maintenance on, BusinessObjects Enterprise.

The Program job server processes scheduled program objects, as requested by the Central Management Server ( CMS ). To run a program, the Program job server first retrieves the files from storage on the Input SAP BOBJ - File Repository Servers (FRS) (FRS), and then runs the program. By definition, program objects are custom applications. Therefore, the outcome of running a program is dependent on the program object that is run.

Unlike report instances, which can be viewed in their completed format, program instances exist as records in the object history. BusinessObjects Enterprise stores the program’s standard out and standard error in a text output file. This file appears when you click a program instance in the object History.

Web Intelligence job server

The Web Intelligence job server processes scheduling requests it receives from the Central Management Server ( CMS ) (CMS) for SAP BO - Web Intelligence documents. It forwards these requests to the Web Intelligence Report Server, which will generate the instance of the Web Intelligence document. The Web Intelligence job server does not actually generate object instances.

Desktop Intelligence job server

The Desktop Intelligence job server processes scheduling requests it receives from the Central Management Server ( CMS ) for Desktop Intelligence documents and generates the instance of the Desktop Intelligence document.

Destination job server

If you configure a job server to send objects or instances, it becomes a Destination job server. A Destination job server processes requests that it receives from the Central Management Server ( CMS ) and sends the requested objects or instances to the specified destination: If the request is for :

The Destination job server can send objects and instances to destinations inside the BusinessObjects Enterprise system, for example, a user’s inbox, or outside the system.

For example, by sending a file to an e-mail address. The Destination job server does not run the actual report or program objects. It only handles objects and instances that already exist in the Input or Output File Repository Servers.

List of Values job server

The List of Values job server processes scheduled list-of-value objects. These objects contain the values of specific fields in a Business View. Lists of values implement dynamic prompts and cascading lists of values within Crystal Reports. List-of-value objects do not appear in SAP BOBJ - Central Management Console (CMC) (CMC) or SAP BO - InfoView.

Adaptive job server

A generic server that hosts BusinessObjects Enterprise job services.

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