Report Conversion Tool

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The Report Conversion Tool converts Desktop Intelligence reports to the SAP BO - Web Intelligence format and publishes the converted reports to the Central Management Server ( CMS ).

It retrieves reports from the CMS, in the Public, Favorites, or Inbox folders.

Once converted, you can publish to the same folder as the original Desktop Intelligence report or to a different folder. The tool does not convert all Desktop Intelligence features and reports. The level of conversion depends on the features in the original report. Some features prevent the report from being converted. Other features are modified, reimplemented, or removed by the tool during conversion.

The tool assigns one of three statuses to each report:

  • Fully Converted.
  • Partly Converted.
  • Not Converted.

The Report Conversion Tool also lets you audit your converted reports. This helps identify reports that cannot be fully converted by the Report Conversion Tool and explains why.

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