SAP BOBJ - File Repository Servers (FRS)


Input and Output File Repository Server (FRS) processes run on each BusinessObjects Enterprise server machine.

The Input FRS manages report and program objects that have been published to the system by administrators or end users using :

Objects with associated files, such as text files, Microsoft Word files, or PDFs, are stored on the Input File Repository Server.

The Output FRS manages all of the report instances generated by the Report Job Server or the Web Intelligence Processing Server, and the program instances generated by the Program Job Server.

If you use the BusinessObjects Enterprise SDK, you can also publish reports from within your own code.

The FRSes are responsible for listing files on the server, querying for the size of a file, querying for the size of the entire file repository, adding files to the repository, and removing files from the repository.

To avoid conflicts between input and output objects, the Input and Output FRSes cannot share the same file system directory. In larger deployments, there may be multiple Input and Output FRSes. However, only one set is active at any given time. In this case, all Input File Repository Servers share the same directory. Likewise, all Output File Repository Servers share the same directory.


The SAP BOBJ - FileStore refers to the disk directories where the actual report files reside.

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