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Query as a Web Service provides new and easy ways to analyze information through user-driven client solutions for businesses. Business Intelligence (BI) content is usually bound to a specific user interface of BI tools. Query as a Web Service changes this by allowing BI content to be delivered to any user interface that can process web services.

Using Query as a Web Service, business users define their own query from a universe, and then easily and securely publish that query as a standalone web service.

Business Objects Query as a Web Service is a wizard-based application that allows queries to be made into a web service and integrated with web-ready applications.

Queries can be saved to create a catalog of standard queries that application builders can select as required.

Query as a Web Service is based on the W3C web service specifications SOAP, WSDL and XML.


It has two main components:

  • Server component

The server component (included in BusinessObjects Enterprise) stores the Query as a Web Service catalog and hosts the published web services.

  • Client tool

This is how business users create and publish their queries as a web service on the server. You can install the client tool on several machines that can access and share the same Query as a Web Service catalog stored on the server. The client tool communicates with the server components via web services.


Query as a Web Service provides new client solutions for businesses. For example, it enables Crystal Xcelsius to aggregate multiple disparate data sources into a trusted BI view.

Query as a Web Service also enables a range of client-side solutions in tools such as:

  • Microsoft Office, Excel, and InfoPath.
  • SAP Application Server.
  • OpenOffice.
  • Business rules and process management applications.
  • Enterprise Services.

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