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Web Intelligence is a scalable online query and analysis tool for knowledge workers to build queries and analyze business information through a user friendly drag-and-drop interface. The patented Business Objects semantic layer hides the complexity of underlying data sources. Reports can be published to the BusinessObjects Enterprise web portal, or to Microsoft Office applications using BusinessObjects Live Office.

Web Intelligence Builder

SAP BO - Web Intelligence rich client

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Bobj Chasm Trap
BOBJ - Chasm Traps (converging many to one joins)

Chasm Traps is see as a Join Path problem or data modeling issue (convergence type ) which returns more data than expected by returning a cartesian product. A chasm trap is a type of join path...
Bobj Context Structure Pane
BOBJ - Context

Contexts are a collection of joins which provide a valid query path for to generate SQL. You use contexts to resolve join problems that can return too many or too few rows because of the way that...
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BOBJ - Joins (Home)

The Joins in BOBJ. You have several approaches to creating joins in : Tracing joins manually in the schema (Drag and drop) Defining join properties directly ( Menu Select Insert > Join ) ....
Bobj Icon Measure
BOBJ - Measure =

Measure objects retrieve numeric data that is the result of calculations on data on the database. Measure objects are semantically dynamic: the values they return depend on the objects they are used with....
Bobj Univers Parameters Definition

The PRM file is a text file that lists parameters used to configure universes creation and SQL query generation in Web Intelligence. There is a PRM file for each supported RDBMS. PRM files are located...
Bobj Univers Parameters Definition
BOBJ - Universe Parameters / Data Source Connection

A connection is a named set of parameters that defines how a Business Objects application accesses data in a database file and is defined in an universes via universe designer. You can create...
Bobj Designer Wizard Stored Procedure
Business Object - Stored procedure

A stored procedure is a compiled SQL program, consisting of one or more SQL statements, which resides and runs on the target database. A stored procedure universe is a special universe that enables and...
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BusinessObjects Web Services

Business Objects Web Services provide a Java and .NET API accessed by rich clients in the user interaction tier, such as and . Web Services consists of software components that can be called remotely...
Bobj Pk Awarness
Index Key Awareness

The Keys tab allows you to define index awareness for an object : Primary Key Foreign Key Index awareness is the ability to take advantage of the indexes on key columns to speed data retrieval....
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Job servers

A job server processes scheduled actions on objects at the request of the (CMS). When you add a job server to the BusinessObjects Enterprise system, you can configure the job server to: Process reporting...

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