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Desktop Intelligence is an integrated query, reporting and analysis tool that allows you to access data using familiar business terms, rather than using technical database query methods, like SQL. The complexity of the underlying data storage is abstracted in the semantic data layer known as the Business Objects Universe.

It is a light product of SAP BO - Web Intelligence rich client with less functionalities.

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BOBJ Getting Started

The most problem with Business Object is to find good tutorial to start. The key word to find tutorial on BOBJ is “Getting Started”. You can find this kind of document : on the web : Try...
Bobj Designer Wizard Stored Procedure
Business Object - Stored procedure

A stored procedure is a compiled SQL program, consisting of one or more SQL statements, which resides and runs on the target database. A stored procedure universe is a special universe that enables and...
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Report Conversion Tool

The converts reports to the format and publishes the converted reports to the . It retrieves reports from the CMS, in the Public, Favorites, or Inbox folders. Once converted, you can publish to the...
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SAP BO - InfoView

InfoView runs within your web browser and is your main interface for working with objects in BusinessObjects Enterprise. InfoView can access, interact with, and export, any type of business intelligence...
Bobj Architecture Overview
SAP BOBJ - Business Object XI Architecture

BusinessObjects XI is a multitier, server-based product that comprises a number of logical servers. These servers run as Windows services, and they can all be installed on one machine or distributed across...
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SAP Business Object

BusinessObjects Enterprise includes specialized services including : , , and components, and a set of Dashboard and Analytics services for metrics management, predictive analysis, and process...

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