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A stored procedure is a compiled SQL program, consisting of one or more SQL statements, which resides and runs on the target database.

A stored procedure universe is a special universe that enables SAP BO - Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports users to access stored procedures residing in the database.

In BusinessObjects XI Release 3.0, you can also use stored procedures with Desktop Intelligence

Business Objects supports stored procedures:

  • without parameters
  • with parameters (IN)
  • with multi-result sets
  • with multi-statement (with SQL sentences different from Select)

How to create a universe based on stored procedures

To create the stored procedures with parameters, click on the Quick Design Wizard. More in the designer guide.

Bobj Designer Wizard Stored Procedure


Note the following restrictions apply to stored procedures universes:

  • No joins are permitted between objects in stored procedures universes.
  • Filters cannot be used on the stored procedure universe.
  • You cannot link a stored procedure universe to a standard universe.
  • The Web Intelligence supervisor grants access to the database or account where stored procedures are located.
  • Not all RDBMSs support stored procedures. Consult your database guide to see if yours does.
  • COMPUTE, PRINT, OUTPUT or STATUS statements contained in stored procedures are not executed.

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