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When you first install BusinessObjects XI, the product creates a series of tables in your designated database back end. This database is known as the InfoStore.

Tables information

The InfoStore tables hold the information about all your :

  • reports,
  • folders,
  • users,
  • and object packages.

In short, any data that you see in the Central Management Console (CMC)—except for the actual report and image files themselves—is stored in the InfoStore.

The four RDBMS tables are :

  • CMS_InfoObjects5,
  • CMS_Aliases5,
  • CMS_IDNumbers5,
  • and CMS_Relations5.

The main table is CMS_InfoObjects5. This table stores all the data about your reports either indexed in named columns or unindexed in binary columns.

Such data elements as an object’s ID, its type, or its GUID, for example, are stored in indexed columns. Nonindexed data such as description, output format, printer information, etc., along with any properties you may create yourself, are stored collectively in binary (BLOB) columns and are unindexed.

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