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InfoView runs within your web browser and is your main interface for working with objects in BusinessObjects Enterprise.

InfoView can access, interact with, and export, any type of business intelligence including reports, analytics, dashboards, scorecards, and strategy maps. InfoView allows users to manage:

  • BI catalog browsing and searching.
  • BI content access (creating, editing, and viewing).
  • BI content scheduling and publishing.

From InfoView, you can access :

The features that are available in InfoView vary by content type, but in general, you can view information in your web browser, export it to other business applications (such as Microsoft Excel), and save it to a specified location.

Additional features

The following additional features are available with InfoView :

  • Discussions: This feature enables you to create and share notes about reports, documents, and other objects in InfoView.
  • Encyclopedia: This feature provides you with key information about reports and documents to facilitate the analysis of business intelligence.
  • Voyager: This feature allows you to create customized Voyager workspaces based on multi-dimensional data sources.
  • Process Tracker: This feature enables users to map, track, and communicate business processes through a set of activities, associated reports, and analytics. For more information, see the Process Tracker Installation and User's Guide.
  • Publisher: This feature lets you deliver information in a customized format by providing a secure environment in which to share information in a personalized way.



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