SAP BOBJ - Central Management Console (CMC)


The Central Management Console (CMC) is a web-based tool to perform day-to-day administrative tasks, including :

  • user management,
  • content management,
  • server management.

It also allows you to publish, organize, and set security levels for all of your BusinessObjects Enterprise content.

The CMC also demonstrates how you can use the administrative objects and libraries in the BusinessObjects Enterprise software development kit (SDK) to create custom web applications for administering BusinessObjects Enterprise.

Server Intelligence

Server Intelligence is a component of the Central Management Console (CMC) that simplifies administrative procedures previously carried out by the Central Configuration Manager (CCM), such as the management of CMC server processes. This includes :

  • the addition and removal of server processes,
  • server process configuration,
  • the automatic restart or shutdown of servers

Server Intelligence also archives server process information in the CMS database so you can easily restore default server settings, or create redundant instances of server processes with the same settings.


When you first install BusinessObjects XI, the product creates a series of tables in your designated database back end. This database is known as the InfoStore.

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