SAP BO - Central Configuration Manager (CCM)


The CCM is a server troubleshooting and node configuration tool provided in two forms :

  • In a Microsoft Windows environment, the CCM allows you to manage local and remote servers through its graphical user interface (GUI) or from a command line.
  • In a UNIX environment, the CCM shell script ( allows you to manage servers from the command-line.

The CCM allows you to view and to modify server settings only while Business Objects server processes are offline. The SAP BOBJ - Central Management Console (CMC) (CMC) is used to stop server processes, then the CCM is used to modify performance settings or change server port numbers.

Most server management tasks are now handled through the CMC, not in the CCM. The CCM was the primary tool for server management in previous versions, but the CCM is now used only for troubleshooting and node configuration.

To be able to made change the services must be stopped.

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