Translation Manager

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BusinessObjects Enterprise provides support for multilingual documents and universes. A multilingual document contains localized versions of universe metadata and document prompts. A user can create reports, for example, from the same universe in their chosen languages.

The Translation Manager is the tool that defines the multilingual universes and manages translation of universes and their Web Intelligence documents and prompts.

Translation Manager:

  • Translates universe or a SAP BO - Web Intelligence documents for a multilingual audience.
  • Defines the metadata language parts of the document and the appropriate translation. It generates external XLIFF format and imports XLIFF files to get translated information.
  • Lists the universe or Web Intelligence document structure to be translated.
  • Lets you translate the metadata through the interface.
  • Lets you translate the metadata using external translation tools by exporting and importing XLIFF files.
  • Creates a multilingual document where several languages can be saved.

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