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Voyager is an online analytical processing (OLAP) tool for working with multi-dimensional data.

Users access Voyager from within the BusinessObjects Enterprise SAP BO - InfoView portal. Users can create new analysis workspaces, and view and edit workspaces that have been saved to the BusinessObjects Enterprise repository.

Voyager is accessed from BusinessObjects SAP BO - InfoView in a web browser, which can be distributed to a large number of users, including those outside of your secure network, on the internet.

Voyager requires a connection to a supported OLAP data source, such as :

Therefore, you must create a connection to data before analysts can begin using Voyager to analyze data.

It not only provides access to a wide range of OLAP databases, but also allows users to combine information from different systems within a single workspace.

Voyager offers a comprehensive range of business and time calculations, and includes features such as time sliders to make the analysis of OLAP data as simple as possible.

The Voyager OLAP feature set complements both Crystal Reports (for direct data access to OLAP cubes for production reporting) and Web Intelligence (for ad hoc analytic reporting with universes built on OLAP data sources).

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