BOBJ - Dashboard and Analytics

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Also known as :

  • Performance Manager.
  • Xcelsius


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BOBJ Getting Started

The most problem with Business Object is to find good tutorial to start. The key word to find tutorial on BOBJ is “Getting Started”. You can find this kind of document : on the web : Try...
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Dashboard Builder

BusinessObjects allows organizations to build custom that meet their specific requirements. It consists of a dashboard builder and a catalog of analytic templates. This information can easily be delivered...
Bobj Pm System User
Dashboard and Analytics system users

Before users in your organization can use applications, you need to specify system users in “Dashboard and Analytics Setup”. These users initialize the Dashboard and Analytics servers and enable the...
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Dashboard and analytics configuration

Before you start to use , you must perform this steps :
Bobj Architecture Overview
SAP BOBJ - Business Object XI Architecture

BusinessObjects XI is a multitier, server-based product that comprises a number of logical servers. These servers run as Windows services, and they can all be installed on one machine or distributed across...
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SAP Business Object

BusinessObjects Enterprise includes specialized services including : , , and components, and a set of Dashboard and Analytics services for metrics management, predictive analysis, and process...

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